T5W // Favorite Things About BookTube + Bookblogging

I decided to join the T5W* club! I am well aware that I’m posting this on a Thursday which doesn’t quite go with the “Top 5 Wednesday” title, but bear with me, I’m currently starting at a new job so everything’s a bit of a mess right now.

*Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly discussion “tag” on various topics, it was created by Lainey and here’s the Goodreads group for T5W if you wanna join!

So, here are my Top 5 Favorite Things About BookTube / Bookblogging:

  1. We’re all booklovers here.
    Not everyone loves books. Weird, I know. But it’s true. Not everyone reads books, not everyone collects and appreciates them. This is all fine, I don’t judge these people (well, ok, a little) but if you yourself are a huge lover of books and you’re surrounded with these non-book-loving people, it can get a little lonely and frustrating. So it’s wonderful that you can still be a part of a community that understands you and you truly feel that you belong.
  2. Discovering new books & authors.
    My TBR has drastically increased ever since I discovered the book blogosphere and BookTube, but I don’t see that as a bad thing. Au contraire, among these TBR additions, I have found countless books that have immediately moved to my Favorites shelf. Plus, I’ve discovered so many amazing new authors!
  3. Becoming more open minded and expanding my horizons.
    This might sound a little strange but let me explain what I mean by this. Since I follow so many different book-people online, their reviews, their recommendations, etc., I started to reach out to certain genres that might never have interested me before. Also, with these different opinions I try to look at things from new points of view and, for instance, ever since I watched Ariel’s amazing video, I actually want to annotate my books now!
  4. Reading more.
    I used to be a rather slow reader and read maybe one book a month if I was in the mood. But now I read at least several books each month and I absolutely love it!
  5. The community.
    And last but not least, the people here. They’re awesome! Since this community is based on sharing something that each of us loves, I don’t really see a lot of hate, which is kind of unusual on the internet. It’s like a breath of fresh air. Everyone just seems excited about books and reading and there’s so much positivity here.


Feel free to share with me your favorite things about this book loving community! 

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Photo Diary: CROATIA 2015

My family and I went on a little vacation to Croatia in August. We were there for 10 days and it was just enough – not too long, not too short. We also took my little 3 year old brother Adam with us, so you can imagine that it wasn’t a completely relaxed and chilled holiday. There were quite a few tantrums involved (every day) but overall, we loved it there and definitely enjoyed our time there.

vintage boat

This was my fifth time in Croatia and definitely not the last time. We stayed at Zaton Holiday Resort, which is in Dalmatia, very close to the city Zadar. The resort itself was very nice, it was recently renovated  so everything there was very clean. There were lots of boutiques, many amazing restaurants and enough beach bars to always keep you in good mood 😉 Unfortunately, we didn’t visit them very often because we were too exhausted from running around with our little hyperactive chipmunk all day.


This resort is definitely more of a place for families with kids, as there were many many fun attractions and activities for the little ones, both in the water and on land. Everywhere you looked, you could see a playground. Our little one definitely enjoyed them and got use out of pretty much everything there was.

But the thing he loved most was snorkeling. We got him a snorkeling set on the first day and we couldn’t go anywhere without it for the rest of the vacation. He even snorkled in the little kids pool which is only like a foot deep. But hey, he learned how to swim. Or at least how to float on the water, haha.



in the sea

The Adriatic sea is a wonderful sight – clear, turquoise sea with plenty of small fish swimming around you. When we went snorkeling (pretty much everyday), we found lots of shells, shellfish, starfish, and the ocassional jellyfish… they scare the crap out of me, but fortunately those were pretty rare. However, I am a huge shark lover and we never got to see a shark. I know, I know, Adriatic sea is no Red sea, we would be lucky if we saw just one small shark there (well, depends how you look at it) but I was still hoping. Oh well. Next time I’ll go somewhere where Great White sharks live and maybe I’ll fulfill my biggest dream and go cage diving. Fingers crossed.

Even with the absence of sharks, we still had a great time. We visited Zadar, walked around the Old Town, listened to the famous Sea Organ and played Hide and Seek at the solar lights, a.k.a ‘Pozdrav Suncu‘.

hide and seek


girls night out


water monster

Nin old town

One day we rented out bikes and went on a bike trip to the small town Nin which is one of the oldest towns in this region, if I’m not mistaken. We found a beautiful lagoon that I later discovered is called Queen’s Beach. The water was amazing, very shallow – great for kids. Lots of people there were covered in black mud that at first sight looked pretty disgusting, but we figured it must have some health benefits. And if everyone’s doing it, we might as well join in. So we went and slathered it all over our bodies, too. That wasn’t the weirdest thing on that beach, though. Sadly, we witnessed a man dying right there on the Queen’s Beach. Supposedly he was a fellow Slovak, enjoying a vacation in Croatia. :/ And so the exciting and adventurous day turned into a rather morbid experience. The rescuers tried to save him but didn’t succeed. There was a corpse lying on the beach, just a few feet away, for the whole 4 hours that we were there. Good thing my little brother didn’t understand what was happening.

On a more positive note, I managed to read a lot. The one thing that wasn’t very good in this resort was the internet. A lot of the times we couldn’t even go online and if we could, it was extremely slow and it wasn’t for long. So what do you do when there’s no internet? That’s right, you read. I read three whole books, and a big chunk of A Clash of Kings which I’ve been reading since March.

Once again, I had an amazing time in Croatia and I will keep coming back. 🙂   

Have a beautiful day!

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