*purposely ignoring Valentine’s Day*

Another new in post. Seems like I’ve been spending a little too much lately. I need to stop buying things…

This time, I couldn’t resist buying a set of Zoeva brushes which I’ve been eyeing for years. Finally got my hands on them ♥ This month I’ve also signed up for Tough Mudder though, so that’s another 20€ down. Plus, another 20€ will go to the gym membership for this month… Damn it, this “saving” thing is real hard when you’re not a broke student anymore, haha.

Anyway… Check out these beauties.

zoeva intro photo



Blush palette + 12 eye brushes, which came in this stunning leather pouch.
The blush palette looks gorgeous and I know it’ll last me for months, maybe even years. (Although, I don’t know whether it’s safe or not to use the same make up for years…)
I’ve already used some of the brushes and I can definitely see the hype. They’re amazing, so soft!
Can’t wait to play with them a bit more! 🙂

Do you have any experience with Zoeva yourselves?

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