New In: Lots of new books!


Since I’ve been at my new job and finally making money, I’ve been constantly making excuses to buy new books and in the past two months it’s been worse than ever. I bought 8 books! For me, that’s a lot! And I’m not saying I regret these purchases, but I’m saving up for college so I should really think twice before just buying any book that I see at the bookstore. I might go on a book-buying ban soon… Right after I receive another 3 books in the mail, that I ordered from BookDepository, lol.

So today I’m gonna share with you the books that I’ve purchased in February and March.

new in books 01

Most of these books are in Slovak – in my mother tongue. Mainly because I’ve been reading so many English books lately that I started to really neglect my native language! Plus, my mom, who is also an avid reader, hates it when I buy books in English because she doesn’t speak English, therefore she can’t really read them, haha. (But I always say that there’s a very simple solution – just learn English, no excuses.)

new in books 03

The first purchase that I’m gonna mention made me the happiest! I bought the Lord of the Rings (Pán Prsteňov) trilogy in Slovak for less than 15€ altogether! That is an amazing price! They were in the “damaged” section at our local discount bookstore and even after carefully examining them, I couldn’t really see where they were damaged, so I bought them all. They’re in a perfect condition and for less than 15€! Also, the translation usually makes the book a little more expensive, as you would expect, so that’s another aspect where I managed to save some money. Woop woop!

new in books 04

Under the Never Sky (Pod vražednou oblohou) by Veronica Rossi: this one I also bought at our local discount bookstore for only 2€. Another great purchase!

I think you’re all familiar with the book We Bought a Zoo (Kúpili sme Zoo) by Benjamin Mee, which was also made into a movie. I think they had it for about 4€ and I really wanted to read it so I just bought it.

The one on the right, The Provence Cure for the Brokenhearted (Provensalský dom zázrakov) by Bridget Asher, I knew nothing about. I simply bought it because I fell in love with the cover (yes, I do judge books by their covers), it had a very summer-y feeling, it made me really excited for spring and summer and of course, this one was also really cheap.

new in books 02

Lastly, I’ve got two English books.

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare – I’ve been toying with the idea of starting The Mortal Instruments or The Infernal Devices series. I have a feeling I would really dislike TMI and The Infernal Devices series has better reviews anyway, so I decided I’d read the first book in TID series and then see for myself if I wanna continue with the series or if it’s just not for me.

I was really surprised to see that The Hitchhiker’S Guide to the Galaxy is such a short book! I had no idea! Had I known it was so short, I would have read it ages ago, haha. But I finally got it and I can’t wait to start reading it. A friend of mine is constantly telling me about how crazy and incredible it is, I think his favorite is book 2, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

These are all the books I managed to buy in the recent months.
Thank you for reading and now I’ll hopefully focus on posting more and more reviews!

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