New In: April+May 2016 Book Haul

I can’t stop buying books. That’s a fact. Also an addiction.
But I will read them all, eventually… I promise.

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qa journal 1

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Ever since I can remember, I’ve always kept diaries or journals or whatever you like to call them. Most of them are plain diaries, just your regular ol’ blank notebooks with my thoughts written in them.
But I decided to try out this Q & A a Day 5 Year Journal which has been pretty popular for several years now. Basically, you answer a question every day for 5 years. Same question on the same day, for five years. That way, you get really good introspective as to what you were thinking a few years ago, or you get to compare how you looked at a certain issue then versus how you’re looking at it now, you get to see if and how you grow in these 5 years. It’s a pretty interesting concept, plus, the journal itself lookes beautiful on the shelf!

Then I bought 2 reading journals – Books I’ve Read and What I Read mini journal. (The reason I have two copies is that there was some problem with the delivery from BookDepository, so they sent me a free “replacement” copy.)
dover classics 1

classics 1

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I really want to read more classics, and these Dover Thrift editions were cheap, so why not buy a bunch of them?
I got Persuasion, Emma, Sense & Sensibility, Emily Dickinson’s Selected Poems and An Anthology of English Romantic Poetry. I like to think these will be my ‘study books’ once I continue studying literature at uni.

The Collins Classics are a little more pleasing to the eye, and I got two of those: Mrs Dalloway and A Tale of Two Cities.

The Aladdin edition of Anne of Green Gables was my “guilty pleasure-buy” if there is such a thing. I adore Anne of Green Gables, I’ve read it many times and it’s basically the one book that made me fall in love with literature, so I will cherish it forever. ♥ And this copy was just way too beautiful not to buy it.

random 1

This is a little mix of everything. A very popular self-help book How to Win Friends & Influence People; Arnold Schwarzenegger’s inspiring autobiography Total Recall; another autobiography – of Benjamin Franklin, so that’s a whole lot of motivation, hopefully.
I also got Light on Yoga, with the subtitle “the Bible of modern yoga”. I can’t wait to study it and immerse myself more deeply in the world of yoga.
And then you have the summer YA contemporary ‘easy read’ My Life Next Door which I’m currently reading.



In May, I also got my first physical copy of a comic book, or graphic novel, or trade paperback – I’m still not sure what to call it – FABLES: Legends in Exile. I started reading it already and it’s amazing!

So that concludes my April and May massive book haul. Thank you for reading!
Feel free to let me know if you’ve read any of these and have a lovely day!

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My Bookmark Collection


I’m a lover of books, as well as bookmarks. And since I’m usually reading multiple books at the same time, I need multiple bookmarks, not just one. These are some of the ones I use most often. Some of these are bought, some gifted, and some I made myself. And quite frankly, my absolute favorite one is actually my very first DIY bookmark (which looks pretty rough by now, but only because it’s been well-loved. 🙂 )


pic 01

  1. // RANDOM
    I’m starting out with these ones. Two of them are from libraries – one is from the library in my hometown, the other one (JSTOR) is from the library at my college. Nothing very artistic or interesting about them, they were simply giving them to everyone.
    The “Croatia” one is from our last vacation in Croatia. It was surprisingly pretty expensive for a bookmark, plus, it’s wooden and quite thick, so I don’t even know whether I’m actually gonna use it or not… But at least it’s some kind of a bookish souvenir.pic 02
    I became addicted to buying books from Book Depository. The free shipping, reasonable prices, and the fact that they include a free bookmark in every purchase, is only strengthening my addiction. Plus, recently, they’ve been sending these coloring bookmarks which makes it all the more enjoyable! I have quite a few of these – some I gave to my little brother to color, and some are still on their way here with my most recent purchases.pic 03
    This bookmark of Bendystraws Cuminpacks photobombing was a gift from my best friend. It made me chuckle, especially with that text on it. It also looks pretty awesome sticking out from a book on my shelf, haha.pic 04
    pic 05
  4. // DIY
    And lastly, I have my favorites – my DIY bookmarks. I have a lot of creative energy, so I constantly feel the need to make something from scratch. And so I started to make my own bookmarks.
    The brownish one, I made about 6 years ago, it was the very first one that I made. And it’s my favorite to use ever since. I made it, funnily enough, by completely destroying another book – my dad’s old English textbook. But it was in a very desolate state even then, so I was only putting it to another use, if you will. I simply cut out some pictures and texts from it, made it into a collage and glued everything together on a piece of thicker paper.
    The blue one I made during my nail-art phase. I used to decorate (or destroy, depends how you look at it) everything with nail polish. Keys, jars, and even bookmarks. The roses on this bookmark are made with nail polish. Now it has a nice, textured look to it.
    Those of you who watch BBC’s Sherlock, are probably familiar with the black and white ones. It’s the famous wallpaper from Sherlock’s flat. 🙂


This is my humble, but growing collection of bookmarks. 
Thank you for reading. ♥ 
How are you with bookmarks?
Do you use them, or do you end up using random scraps of paper?

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